First Things First 

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy or posess alcohol. And underage drinking is no joke. The Consequences can be serious. Each year, about 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die as a result of underage drinking, from car crashes to homicide and suicide. If you get caught drinking underage, using a fake ID or driving drunk, there can be serious legal consequences, too. You could lose your license, pay a big fine or even go to jail.


Know This

You don’t have to drink to be cool. Most teens don’t drink. Research shows that 70 percent of people 12-20 haven’t had a drink in the last month. Drinking is a distraction you don’t need. It’s hard enough to succeed in school and extracurricular activities like sports, as well as to keep important relationships strong. Don’t make it harder.


What You Can Do

If you think you might have a drinking problem, seek help. If you’re worried about one of your friends, talk to your him/her about your concerns, or seek help. If you see underage drinking in your community, including adults providing alcohol to teens, call 1-866-MUST-B-21. It’s possible there will be legal repercussions for those involved, but you could be preventing more serious, even tragic, consequences.


Have Questions?

Go to our Law Enforcement section to e-mail your questions to law enforcement.


Info and Resources

Want to help promote 1-866-MUST-B-21? We have free Promotional Materials you can request or download. To learn more about underage drinking—from tips on how to say no to what alcohol does to your body—check out one of these websites.


Too Smart to Start 

SADD (Drinking: Facts for Teens)